D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Tartrate in distilled water DOMESTIC ONLY

Buy LSD Online

Buy LSD Online

Buy LSD Online  12.5mg of LSD Tartrate total per each 5ml vial, each vial drops approximately 100 drops at 125ug per drop but the droppers may be slightly different in the size of drop they dispense. None the less, every vial was carefully filled with a guaranteed 12.5mg of actual LSD Tartrate, no one vial has any more LSD in it than any other vial, they’re all even.

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International customers interested in my LSD need to please locate my listing for LSD on blotter, thanks!

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You can only purchase this product by the whole 5ml vial, any customers wanting less than a vial need to locate my LSD on blotter listing

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Purchases of 10 bottles earn a 10% discount off the price, for larger purchases please message me.

I recommend people new to LSD only try 100ug-200ug initially to become familiar with the drug first before deciding if adventuring into the higher dose levels is a good idea for oneself, it’s sometimes better to check the depth of the water before diving in head first. I hope you all enjoy this work as much as I have enjoyed it!

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